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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Snowboarding's has grown in popularity since the 90's

Breckenride in the '90s: Heyday of snowboarding | SummitDaily.com

I began skiing in the mid-70's in Summit County, Colorado.  My favorite ski area was Copper Mountain.   I recall thinking snowboarding was a temporary fad.  Boy was I wrong!  In fact, one Christmas in the mid-80's,  my son and a friend of his got a wooden  Burton board.   They may have been the only snowboarders on the hill back then.  He still has the early Burton Board, but  remained true to skiing.

In retrospect, I wish I had learned the sport when I had the chance.  Many a time, I have watched boarders "shredding" down the mountain from my lift chair and was just a little envious.  I read an interesting statistic that 80% of new riders to winter sports choose snowboarding.

Snowboarding continues to grow in popularity among all ability levels and all ages.

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