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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thoughts on Being the Family Realtor

Over the past several years it has been my pleasure to have helped several members of my family with their real estate needs.  My son and his family have bought two and sold one home with my assistance.  They are sophisticated enough to have found their second home without me, but still needed Dad to complete the transactions.  My daughter has owned three homes, all purchased with my help.  Even though she was using her corporate relocation privileges I am glad she chose me to be the one to help.  Our niece has bought and sold two homes with my help.  In each case, besides the quality real estate service all my clients and customers receive, as family, they also received “special” closing cost assistance.  I was glad to help. 
A few weeks ago, one of my nephews called to say he had found a home and wanted to buy it.        He had already been prequalified for the loan.  Some good advice resulted in an inspection that disclosed some costly defects that the seller refused to repair.  The nephew also went to the county offices and discovered some potential governmental and tax problems that could have resulted from some work that had been done on the house without proper building permits.  I gave him the appropriate advice and when the seller absolutely refused to make things right, he correctly walked away from the deal.  He is committed to continuing to save his money and find a home without issues.  I am also proud to have gotten a similar call from his brother, another nephew, a couple of years earlier and that purchase worked out.  We had a family reunion dinner in that home not to long ago.  He and his wife are now the proud parents of two daughters, who, of course, are adorable.

Family Reunion at my Nephew's home
We have long time dear friends with three sons.  I am glad I was able to have helped our friends and each of their sons in five real estate transactions.  We are close enough that the relationship is very much like family.
I enjoy receiving calls with questions about real estate.  One I received recently was placed on behalf of a friend who had experienced some personal tragedies and needed some direction on how to go about dealing with his mortgage holder in light of the resultant financial difficulties.  I was glad to assist and hope that I can provide future assistance if needed.
I am not the only professional that helps their family, but I am the “go to” Realtor© for my family and glad to be so.

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