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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thoughts on my new surroundings.

Denver skyline at sunset

After 36 years living in the small town of Dillon Colorado. I have relocated to the Denver area.  Wow, there are some significant differences, most for the better. Mountain  living was great, but now I really enjoy having the many opportunities presented nearby.  A great day was had earlier last summer when I met some old friends for a Rockies game.  The excitement of my first ride on the light rail made it that much better.  I have to admit that I did feel a little like a “country bumpkin” but it was clearly a “passage”.  Monthly dinners with long time dear friends at different restaurants, all close to our respective homes,  warm weather, late evening walks in shorts and a tee shirt harken back to younger days in non-mountainous climes.  Not having to bring a parka to watch the fireworks on the fourth of July is certainly a treat.  Traffic, congestion, and aircraft noises all serve to balance the equation.

View from Sapphire Point  overlooking Lake Dillon
at the top of Swan Mountain

My profession, real estate, will continue in both locations.  Resort properties including Keystone real estate have been the backbone of my practice and now will be supplemented by bread and butter transactions in the city.  No change in the way clients and customers are treated but some
adjustment to the different motivations is in order.  

The markets differ somewhat in their direction.  Denver appears to have turned the corner.  Foreclosures are down, sales are up.  Not back to the boom days yet, but better than the past 3 years.  Since mountain properties have historically followed the Denver market by 6 or so months, hopes for a recovery in the coming year are  high.  Leaving a strong boutique company in the mountains to one that serves both areas is also a positive step.

Your Castle Real Estate is a very information and commitment oriented company.  Agents have many educational, motivational, and professional development opportunities each week.  The leadership is a group of energetic experienced pros committed to developing the finest sales force.  Customer feedback is highly complementary.  I think I chose the right one.

Change is good.

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