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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Top Ten Signs for an Improving Housing Market

The time to buy is when a positive movement is established.  I've been through a few down markets and have found those buyers who tried to "time the market at the very bottom" to be disappointed when they wait and then look at current prices and say to me "I could have bought a house just like this 6 months ago for much less than today's price.  Unless you are thinking about a very short term ownership, which I don't recommend, buy today and be glad in a few years.

Do you think the housing market is improving?
  1. The Job Market Recovers
  2.  For Sale Signs in the Neighborhood Vanish
  3.  Median Sales Prices Stop Falling
  4.  Starter Homes Sell Faster
  5.  Closed Businesses Reopen
  6.  Distressed Sales Disappear
  7.  Real Estate Companies Hire Agents
  8.  Interest Rates are Attractive
  9.  More Buyers are in the Market
  10.  Sellers Buy Move-Up Homes

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