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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Helping the Victims of the Theater Shooting

All of us here in Aurora, Colorado, are still reeling over the tragedy that occurred yesterday. This is such an unimaginable tragedy that is impacting so many people.  I think of the victims and their families, the police officers, the fireman, the medical community and how this horrific event will stay with them for a lifetime.

GivingFirst.org.  is helping Coloradans by finding local organizations that are dedicated to helping victims and families of the July 20 shooting -- and is matching donations to a total of $200,000.

"The tragedy has touched us all," says Marla Williams, the foundation's CEO. "GivingFirst.org provides a quick, secure way to find nonprofits that are assisting the victims and their families affected by this devastating occurrence -- and it allows people to donate to multiple organizations at once."

The aftermath of a tragedy such as this will linger on, and many will need help in various ways.  Please consider a donation to assist the victims and their families, and all associated with this horrific event.

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