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Monday, July 30, 2012

Waiting for the Denver Metro area market to bottom out?

To Late.  You missed it.  Most areas in Denver that lost value in the last 4 years have recovered some or most of their lost value.  Denver Northeast never lost any significant value as a whole,  Aurora Southeast has the smallest recovery so far, the rest have regained as much as 60 percent of their lost value. There will be pockets here and there where factors such as foreclosures and short sales may still be struggling, but overall the bottom is past.  If you want to wait for something, wait for the next peak to be over and buy when values are no longer increasing.    Interest rates won’t stay below 4% forever and when they start coming back up combined with price increases you will suffer a significant loss of affordability.  The house you waited to buy may then be out of reach. If you aren't interested in waiting and want to find out what is happening in your areas of interest, call me, or call your Realtor®, but call a pro who can give you the best, most current information and advice.  

Walt Grande is a Denver Metro area  real estate agent that delivers personable, client-first results for people looking to buy a home, sell a home or relocate to Denver, Colorado. His 30 + years as a full time Realtor means you will benefit from his experience.  Give him a call at 970-470-2572, he loves to talk!


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